Autumn Aelwyd (autumn_hearth) wrote,
Autumn Aelwyd

Morning prayer

Based off Sigrdrifa's prayer.  This certainly has a Norse flavor but I had to reconcile it with my Baltic cosmological outlook, thus the Sun and her daughters (the stars and all the planets including the earth) and also be inclusive of my Gaelic hearth.  I do intend to craft an evening prayer that mentions "Night and her daughter" (in Norse cosmology Jord: the Earth and mother of Thor) as the original prayer does and the moon to which I personally assign no gender.  I did some substitution with the virtues as it wasn't flowing.  Fertility is replaced with Bounty, Moderation with Balance, Integrity with Honor and Perseverance with Strength.  The threshold is both literal and metaphorical.  I use the royal "we" as I am saying it on behalf of my household.  I also want to write a standard meal blessing.

Hail to the Day! Hail to the sons of Day!

To the Sun and her daughters hail!

Hail to the bounteous Earth!

Hail to the Gods! Hail to the Goddesses!

To our Forefathers and Mothers hail!

Hail to the Land and the Landwights!

To our Housewights and Hearth Goddess hail!

May the Kindred bless us and look upon us with kind eyes.

We pray you grant us wisdom, courage and bounty.

Vision, strength and balance bestow upon us.

May we live with honor and piety,

And extend hospitality to all who cross our threshold!

Tags: adf, dedicant, liturgy, piety, prayers, virtues
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