Autumn Aelwyd (autumn_hearth) wrote,
Autumn Aelwyd

Silver Falls Saturnalia

This seems like a long time ago, but with two other rituals, the holidays and the whole family getting the flu, ritual reviews haven’t been a high priority.   This was my second Saturnalia, a recap of my first Saturnalia three years ago, can be found here:

Drake lead a lovely Roman rite, his piety and devotion to his hearth culture showed.  I volunteered to honor Vesta but was beaten to the punch by Manda, so instead took the Numinae et Indigites or Nature Spirits.  I love the Roman worldview of Spirits of Place.  From the pantry to the crossroads the ancients saw their world full of spirits.  I wanted to reflect this in my welcoming of them and used only the beginning of end of the prayer provided.  Here is what I came up with:

The Children of the Earth call out to the Spirits of this World
Salvete, Numinae et Indigites!  (sal-WET-ay NOOM-in-I et in-di-GEE-tays)
Spirits of the Land we offer you welcome:
Spirits of the fields and pastures, of orchard and vineyard
Spirits of forests and meadows, of stone and stream
Spirits of the boundaries and crossroads, of flora and fauna
Spirits of our homes and storerooms, of stable and barn
Spirits of our city and state, of fountain and plaza
Spirits of this building and the community gathered here in,
Spirits of place we offer you welcome
Come to our hearth, meet us at the boundary,
Guide us and ward us as we walk the elder ways. (sacrifice Birdseed)
Numinae et Indigites, accept our sacrifice!

I also wrote a song for the occasion that Drake requested I perform for the main praise offering.  I led the folk in the chorus while singing the three (really two) verses, I wish I had come up with a real third verse perhaps mentioning Janus, but I am quite pleased with the tune.  It provided a playful moment in a rather solemn ritual (my only complaint).  I should have recorded it for Tribeways, but there is always next year.

The cries of “Io!” resound
Saturn’s statue now unbound
The best of days, the Golden Age
Joy and merriment abound

Io! Io! Io Saturnalia!
Io!  Io!  Io!  Saturnalia!

For prior to King Saturn’s reign
No vineyards were there and the fields were plain
Then a stranger arrived on a golden ship
And  taught the folk to sow the grain!

Io! Io! Io Saturnalia!
Io!  Io!  Io!  Saturnalia!

The cries of “Io!” resound
Saturn’s statue now unbound
The best of days, the Golden Age
Saturn’s many gifts abound!

Io! Io! Io Saturnalia!
Io!  Io!  Io!  Saturnalia!

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