Autumn Aelwyd (autumn_hearth) wrote,
Autumn Aelwyd

Blows off the dust

Hi LiveJournal. I had reason to return and search through you as someone was asking about a ritual I led over 7 years ago. Have edited a number of old entries because goodness I come off as a self-centered snob. Not sure how much that has changed, I hope at least a bit. Here have a picture.

baltic shrine

My kinda sorta Baltic shrine. I think I need to find or make a good representation of Perkunas on the left to balance Saule on the right.

Getting three new chicks in three days, we have 5 laying pullets now. Reading a Dragonfly In Amber, the second book in Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. Need a job. And a spiritual outlet. Rowan is doing great in Kindergarten. He is reading quite well and his first tooth is loose.
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